Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me!

It’s that time of year and flies are coming out of the woodwork…literally.  In cottage country the most common fly we see is the Cluster Fly Cluster Flies are about 8 to 10 mm (.31 to .39 inches) long. They are dark grey, with black and silver (non-metallic) checkered stomachs. You can tell them apart […]

Finishing up his down-time project

What Ross gets up to during the off season…. little bit of cross country skiing, whole lot of stained glass. Busier than usual this winter, so didn’t get as many stained glass pieces done. Lots of mice, and even some carpenter ants this winter, every time it warmed up a bit. Could be a very […]

Spider Sprays

Well, one way that this spring is different already is that we are getting calls about spraying homes and cottages for spiders much sooner than usual. Still a little early to start spraying, but certainly happy to provide estimates and add you to our list of places to be done when conditions are right. Even […]