Ants and mice and critters, oh my!

It’s a very odd year. Still the normal stuff for this time of year – spider sprays and carpenter ants, mostly. A LOT of carpenter ants.

But we are also still getting so many calls for other pests – pests that aren’t usually a problem until fall. Mice are the biggest; we have had about 3x as many calls that include mice infestations as we normally would by this time of year. I guess conditions were good for overwintering this year, and maybe even for having increased numbers of litters.

We’re also getting a lot more wasp calls than usual; those seem to be mostly in Tay and Muskoka – and apparently Victoria Harbour as well, as I seem to have some of my own! I’d better call an exterminator, eh?

Even though we’re pretty busy right now, we’re still getting to most things within a few days, so if you have pest problems anywhere in Tay, Tiny, Midland, Penetanguishene and/or surrounding areas, give us a call at 705-534-7863, or drop us an email at

And just so you know, the guys are all aware of the actions they need to take to keep everybody safe, and are traveling with masks, gloves and sanitizer to be used as needed.

Happy Canada Day

Where are you all!? It’s so quiet on the lake in front of our house… usually the Canada Day long weekend is much busier than this…. maybe people didn’t get Monday off so it’s not really a long weekend?

Today is the first day of bass season in this part of Georgian Bay… Ross relocated a skunk this morning, then went out and threw his line in. We’ve caught bunches of bass lately and had to let them go because the season wasn’t open yet – so wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d had to wait for one today. But no – one cast, line hit the water and the first largemouth bass of the season was on the line.

I haven’t fished yet… went kayaking around the bottom of Hogg’s Bay instead… we’ll go out in the boat in a bit though. It’s nice to have a weekend (mostly) off for a change – at least so far…. Ross is pretty much booked up for the next week, but only had the skunk to deal with this weekend so far. Bonus!

But if you do discover pest problems while you’re up at the cottage this lovely Canada Day weekend, do give us a call at 705-534-7863… or better yet, email us at – that way it’ll go through to my phone even if you happen to catch us out on the boat.

And do have a great Canada Day long weekend.