Slowing Down?

Hopefully not! But Ross has been a bit less busy this week than he has over the past several. Even had time to deal with my car for me today… a definite bonus for me, if not him.

Still lots & lots of ants out there though, both carpenter ants and other types. Of course, it is carpenter ants people really need to be concerned about – they can do significant amounts of damage to your home or cottage – but the other sorts can be more than a little annoying at times too, and yes, of course, we can help you with them as well.

We’ve pretty much finished with our first rounds of spider sprays for this year, but of course, if you haven’t got to that yet and would like your home or cottage to stay clean and free of webs, do give us a call and we’ll book you in. (705)534-7863

They sure do have some bright lights over around the SS Keewatin in Port McNicoll right now – did you know they are shooting an episode of Murdoch Mysteries there this week? They should have called us for a spider spray first, if y’ask me…. but of course, they didn’t.