nope… not our service area… but our blog, you may have noticed, has moved from our old site on blogger – – to here. Still lots of information available over there, though … so I should, I suppose, be including some links to those, or moving them here, or something!

Perhaps a directory of some sort?  Or  we could, I suppose, move things over here altogether, maybe… that sounds like a fair bit o work though, don’t you think?  Might have to farm some of that out

Definitely need to something about that  though… too much good info over there to just walk away from it.

How’d you like that snow yesterday? Imagine, snow for Mother’s Day! It’s just NOT right!  The wasp that was busy building a hive in our little tin boat didn’t seem too happy about it – or about Ross disturbing it’s project either!  Funny … he takes such care to not get stung when he’s dealing with other people’s bee and wasp problems… but moving boats in a snow storm and he manages to get stung!  Oops!

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