Mice & other rodents

mice-150x150Got mice? Or rats or other rodents? Cottage Country Pest Control can help to rid your home, cottage or business of rodent infestations.


Although many people regard rats as a far bigger and more distasteful problem, mice infestations are more common and more damaging in our area. They are able to enter a home through even very small openings and breed rapidly. Mice infestations should be treated because mice

  • Contaminate food and living areas with feces and urine
  • Love to chew! They will gnaw through food packaging, drywall and other materials, and can create fire risk by damaging cords and electrical appliances
  • Create odour and noise problems
  • Can carry diseases such as salmonella and hantaviruses, and mites and parasites as well
  • Damage house plants and gardens


Rats cause many of the same problems that mice do – and are also capable of inflicting more harm through biting pets or people. Sharing your living space with pet rats in a cage is one thing – having them running wild in your living space is quite another. Rats are intelligent for their size, and are suspicious of new items (including bait and traps) in what they see as their environment. Pest management exterminators are specially trained to deal with rats.

Squirrels, Raccoons, etc…

It is a criminal offense to harm many fur bearing mammals in Ontario, and that includes both squirrels and raccoons. Cottage Country Pest Control can assist you to make your property less attractive and accessible to them, however. Cottage Country Pest Control’s rodent extermination and management services include:

  • Exclusion
  • Baiting and trapping
  • Monitoring

Rodent management services are included in the year round protection plan at no additional charge.

For Best Results:

  • Call us at (705)534-7863 as soon as you notice a problem. Early intervention saves you money
  • Make note of any areas in which rodents, damage, or droppings are seen.
  • Ensure that the pest management specialist knows about any children, pets, or individuals with health problems who may live in or visit your home or cottage.

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