spiderLSpiders like to be near water…and unfortunately, even though they themselves are not particularly damaging – at least to those who don’t have phobias about them – they do spin a lot of webs which can cause your home, cottage, awnings, boat or dock to appear very dirty. Spiders are also very prolific – each egg-case a female spider weaves can contain hundreds of eggs (Wikepedia)

Cottage Country Pest Control can spray your home, cottage or marina for spiders, which will reduce or eliminate spiders and result in a much cleaner appearance. The product used is safe, clean, and can be used both inside and outside. Exteriors typically require 2 or 3 applications per season – ask us for package pricing. The cost of spraying for spiders is based on the square footage of the structure(s).

For Best Results:

  • Clean off any visible spider webs before your first spray – or, if you prefer, Cottage Country Pest Control can power wash for you for an additional fee.
  • Do any sweeping or mopping of areas to be sprayed before we arrive.
  • Do not wash windows prior to spraying – while we make every effort to avoid getting spray on windows, it is best to leave any window washing until after your spray
  • After your spray, do not use a power washer in any sprayed areas. Doing so will remove the residual pesticide and shorten the effectiveness of your treatment.

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