Mosquitoes & Black Flies

mosquitoMosquitoes and biting flies are such a pain in the – well, everything – for those of us who are oh-so-yummy to them. Which is why, no doubt, we are so often asked if we treat for them. We didn’t – but now that I’ve learned a whole lot more about them and successfully passed the licensing exam – we are pleased to be able to provide environmentally responsible control for mosquitos.

Unfortunately, managing mosquitos is not a one and done service, however. It involves visits approximately every three to four weeks (depending somewhat on weather) and it takes more time at each visit than many of our other offerings. Which means that it costs more than the one and (mostly) done services we also offer – but the good news is that when you purchase a seasonal package, we can also provide any additional services you require while we’re there without the cost of the drive.

And, if you would like to mitigate the cost somewhat, feel free to mention it to your neighbours; we can offer significant discounts when there are several to be done in a particular area.