Carpenter Ants

carpenter_ant_2-150x150Carpenter ants can cause serious damage to your home or cottage. While they do not actually eat wood, they do tunnel through it, and will, if left untreated, eventually weaken wood structures.

Carpenter ants are larger than other ants, and, at times, may also present with wings (this is an indicator of a nest under stress – the winged ants are scouts looking for a new home). In many cases of infestation, you will find small piles of sawdust like material (frazz). In some cases, you might also hear them chewing in the ceilings or walls!

Cottage Country Pest Control’s bat management services include the following:

  •  Prevention: A site inspection by our licensed exterminator is a good way to identify potential problems and areas of concern.
  • Treatment:  Treatment for carpenter ants involves a multi-faceted approach which may include dusting, baiting and/or spraying. In all cases, Cottage Country Pest Control uses the most environmentally responsible and effective approaches available.

For Best Results:

  • Do not spray before we arrive.  Effective treatment involves identifying all ant colonies in the area, including the main nest, and ensuring that appropriate pest control products get taken back to the main nest. This is easier if there are actually visible ants that can be tracked. Leaving both ants and frazz in place allows our exterminator to better assess the problem.
  • Be proactive. Structural damage is a lot more costly to repair than is the cost of addressing the problem before it gets to that point!

Please call Cottage Country Pest Control @ (705)534-7863, or email us at to arrange for your service. Weekend service available at no additional charge.

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