Mosquitoes & Ticks

Yes, we can help with these. For ticks, we use two spray treatments /summer, and a bunch of tick tubes, which are biodegradable cardboard tubes that contain treated cotton attractive to mice for making their nests nice & comfy. The bedding doesn’t contain enough pesticide to hurt the mice, but it is not nice to the ticks that often hang out in their nests.

Mosquito treatment is quite a lot move involved, however – at least when it is done using IPM, which means in such a way to be effective while also protecting the environment. In most cases, the two tick sprays are really all the pesticides we use. We spray the home /cottage if needed for spiders at the same time – and aside from that, we skip the poison, and instead use a product that repels mosquitos (and many other annoyances) without causing even a little bit of harm to your environment. It can even be used (legally) on waterfront properties, which other products cannot (they harm aquatic life, and spraying in such a way as to allow the spray to drift OR to run off into the lake is not okay – and if caught, subject to significant fines. )

Additionally, because I do have my mosquito (& landscaping) pesticide licenses in addition to structural, I am able to also use other products (to manage standing water) where warranted – but mostly, we try to avoid standing water wherever possible (that means I can be a bit of a nag, actually!!)

Anyway – the lawns I treat aren’t dead zones – there are still enough bugs to attract the birds and frogs and toads and turtles.

Do we guarantee that you’ll never see a mosquito? Nope – neither we nor any other company can. But a noticeable reduction, most definitely. And as an added bonus, because you’ll have a fully licensed IPM pest control technician visiting every couple of weeks, other issues get caught/treated before they become a big enough problem to cost you extra money 🙂

If you’d like a quote re: treating your cottage or home for (almost) all the pests that pester you through the summer, why not send an email to, or text or call me at 705.534.7863. I teach on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this summer, and of course can’t answer during class. And I spend a lot of time driving and only have hands-free set up in one of our three cars right now – but if you leave a message, I will get back to you asap.

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