A lot of ads out there for mosquito sprays right now. Lots of companies looking to sign you up for seasonal mosquito management – yes, us too!

But we are different. Here’s why:

We are licensed structural pest control technicians, so we are not limited to spraying the product we’re given to spray and going onto our next job. Because each of our crews is led by a fully licensed professional, we can identify issues and treat them while we’re there. And because we’re already there, it usually won’t cost you a penny more! Bonus!

We do not use Dragnet FC, which is the product most mosquito companies use. The reason we don’t use it is because we believe in caring for your environment – and ours.

I am SO blessed to live on Georgian Bay; I know how very privileged I am. I can’t imagine participating in harming the water, the non-annoying insects, the birds, etc.

No matter how nicely those companies try to reassure you that you won’t be harming the environment by having your yard sprayed, the fact that Dragnet is a broad-spectrum pesticide (yeah, yeah, chrysanthemum dust, blah, blah, blah) and it is terrible for pollinators, birds, and the lake.

You can read the full label, if you like. But for me, this seems to be quite enough:

Dragnet label beginning with Environmental Hazards: this product is highly toxic to bees

That’s why it’s worth it to us to do it better.

 I have the licenses for mosquitos and biting flies, termites, aquatic plants, and more.

I have Dragnet in my cupboard, actually – it was great for spongey moths. But I haven’t used it since those.

It is worth it to us to have to go back more often if we get a lot of rain. Because we’re saving the bees.

It is worth it to pay about the same for garlic concentrate as I would have to for Dragnet. Because after we spray, the birds and chipmunks and butterflies can get right back to doing what they were doing when I got there – and they do.

It’s even worth it to spend my entire summer stinking of garlic no matter how many times I change, shower, do laundry, spray the cars with de-stinker…. 

I am helping people to enjoy their homes, cottages, gardens, pets, and families – and killing nothing more than some ticks that chose the wrong mouse to feed on (we provide tick tubes with treated mouse bedding), and larvae. 

To humans, the smell of garlic dissipates fairly quickly. To mosquitos and ticks, it lingers for as long as 3 – 4 weeks, and they don’t care for it at all. They stay away.

I also treat standing water for mosquito larvae where its needed, and can treat running water for black flies when that’s needed as well.

But really, the garlic does a darn fine job, and even customers that previously used Mosquito-something-or-other found it to be just as effective if not better.

No pollinators, no birds, no aquatic life, no wildlife harmed! Guilt-free pest control for you and your family.

Here’s the label for Mosquito-Less, the product CC Pest Control uses. 

You’ll note that there are a couple of necessary precautions – if pets should roll on wet spray, they may smell like me for a few days. And those who are sensitive to garlic should avoid it. 

BUT on the plus side? No harm to pets, people, pollinators, birds, wildlife or aquatic life.

Worth it!


Save the bees!

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