Got Bedbugs?

bedbug-150x150Not that its much consolation, but you’ve got lots of company right now at least … we’re getting a lot of bedbug calls this week…  a couple in Barrie, and others in Waubaushene, Victoria Harbour and Penetanguishene.

The sad reality is that anyone can get bedbugs – it really is more a matter of bad luck than any other factor.  They can be brought home in any number of ways – in luggage, clothing, a library book…. once they’re in though, they are major pain in the butt!

If you have found bedbugs – or maybe not yet found them, but suspect you might have a problem (keep in mind that not everyone reacts to bites) give us a call at (705)534-7863, or email us at and Ross will be happy to help you.

If you have not had a problem and would like to keep it that way, there are strategies which can help you to minimize your risk. For example, when travelling, check the corners of mattresses for any evidence of bedbugs (dirty brown/red spots around corners, seams) BEFORE you bring your luggage in.

But with so many possible ways of transmission, you might also want to consider in-home prevention/early warning measures. You can purchase bedbug moats, which go under the legs of the bed to trap the little ~darlings~ … or another approach Ross recommends is to wrap the legs of your beds in double-sided sticky tape. He also notes that bed skirts that touch the floor be avoided, and that, if possible, beds not be touching walls. And of course, good quality bedbug covers for mattresses and pillows are a good thing.

If you have questions or concerns about the possibility of bedbugs in your home or cottage, please don’t wait – the earlier an infestation is treated, the better!