Why a heron?

Yes, we know… herons are not pests. And we absolutely agree. The heron we use as our company logo is one which visits us almost every evening from spring until fall.

It is because we love cottage country – and our heron, and our fish, and our lake – that Cottage Country Pest Control takes the utmost care in everything we do.

heron nests Coldwater ON

We are, occasionally, asked to do things that are a/ a bad idea for the environment and

b/ illegal. We say no. Every single time. Yes, we know you can go to another company and get what you want….and sometimes that hurts our bottom line.

But when Ross isn’t out helping you to solve your pest problems, it’s a pretty safe bet that we’re either out fishing, or sitting on the deck watching the heron, the kingfisher, the swans…Georgian Bay sunset

It is worth it to us to do everything we can to preserve cottage country. For all of us.

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