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Certainly! While we understand the preference for cash, our prices are quoted inclusive of HST. If you wish to pay in cash without HST, kindly inform us before receiving the quote. We'll adjust the price accordingly, ensuring transparency. Keep in mind that HST helps cover our costs for year-round bills in this seasonal business.

Choosing a pest control provider who adheres to regulations is crucial for your safety. Would you prefer a professional who follows the rules and prioritizes your well-being, or one who takes shortcuts?

Most likely, yes! If you're in cottage country, Ontario, we likely cover your area.

Our services extend from Victoria Harbour, ON, offering environmentally responsible pest control in Tiny and Tay Townships, Muskoka, Simcoe County, and beyond. Surprisingly, we've been known to reach even further, including Peterborough and the Kawarthas.

Currently, our database includes 40+ unique towns/cities, but don't worry if yours isn't listed yet. We're open to expanding our service areas, so feel free to inquire about adding your location.

No worries! If your cottage is only accessible by water, we've got you covered with comprehensive pest control services.

For convenience, some customers choose to meet Ross at a marina of their choice, while others prefer our visit in our boat – the choice is yours.

Keep in mind, however, that water-access calls are weather-dependent and less predictable, impacting service costs. Last-minute cancellations are strongly discouraged.

To optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, consider coordinating with neighbors for grouped services in the same area. If you're in an area serviced by Big Red Works, we have a convenient arrangement with them, streamlining appointments and potentially leading to cost savings passed on to you.

Cottage Country Pest Control operates year-round, and yes, we are available on weekends. Living here year-round allows us the flexibility to address your pest problems at your convenience, even if that means working evenings or weekends.

Feel free to reach out to us seven days a week, with a preference for non-emergency calls between 8 am – 8 pm. If you happen to reach our answering machine, leave a message, and we'll get back to you promptly. Alternatively, consider sending us an email, which is typically responded to within minutes (except for Tues & Thurs mornings during teaching sessions or when the "all-growed-up" children demand some mommy time).

Great question! While herons aren't pests, our logo features one that frequents our surroundings every evening from spring to fall. We cherish our local environment, including the heron, the fish, and the lake, reflecting the essence of Cottage Country.

Our commitment to preserving cottage country goes beyond pest control. Occasionally, we are approached with requests that are environmentally harmful or illegal. We unfailingly decline such requests. Yes, it might affect our bottom line, but ensuring the well-being of our natural surroundings takes precedence.

When Ross isn't assisting you with pest problems, you'll likely find us fishing or enjoying the scenery with the heron, kingfisher, swans, and the stunning Georgian Bay sunset. Preserving cottage country is not just a business goal for us; it's a personal commitment for the benefit of all.

Keep your properties safe from damaging pests

 Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with you to ensure that your cottage remains a haven free from pests.

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