Bug Bites: Part 1

This post will show you some pictures of different bug bites….while they ca n give you an idea of what bit you, it’s important to know that some people react differently to different bites and if you aren’t sure about the bite(s) or if you start having any unusual reactions GO SEE A DOCTOR! Please […]

Busy days

Well, the season started off slow – but now we’re hopping…. today Ross and Carly, his new helper, are out on the islands up near Honey Harbour with Big Red Works; lots of others appointments booked for the next while as well…BUT not to worry, we can and will fit you in somewhere! Still seeing […]

Bed Bugs: Identifying their bites

Time for another bed bug post..this time about identifying bed bug bites. More often than not people are unaware they have bed bugs until they start noticing the bites so this is quick post about identifying them. Bed bug bites are generic looking and they can look very similar to mosquito bites because they are […]

Bed Bugs: Prevention

In this post we’ll be talking about prevention.If you’ve been lucky enough to never had bed bugs and want to keep it that way or if you’ve had them and gotten rid of them and now just want to prevent ever getting them again, keep reading.   As I stated in the Bed Bugs. What […]

Bed Bugs. What are they?

Fun times, right? Okay, so today’s post is about how to identify if you have them. Bed bugs have been talked about on our blog a bunch of times (you can find our post about Bed Bugs and travel here, if you are so inclined), or you can just keep reading. What they are: Bed […]

Bed Bugs

Spring is here and soon it will be summer, which means that people will be traveling more, whether it is to a newly opened cottage or to visit family or whatever. That’s great but there is a downside to travel and no I don’t mean the packing and the leaving early to avoid traffic or […]

Warm Weather Friends

Apparently, bed bugs aren’t all that much different than many Canadians. When it’s cold out, they prefer to hunker down and wait for warmer weather… once it warms up, they are far more inclined to get active and get going. Which is not to say they aren’t around at this time of year – we […]

Got Bedbugs?

Not that its much consolation, but you’ve got lots of company right now at least … we’re getting a lot of bedbug calls this week…  a couple in Barrie, and others in Waubaushene, Victoria Harbour and Penetanguishene. The sad reality is that anyone can get bedbugs – it really is more a matter of bad […]

Thunder Bay bedbug infestation

Happened across this article about a severe infestation of bedbugs in a building in Thunder Bay http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/story/2013/09/11/tby-thunder-bay-bedbugs-infestation.html – fun times! Bed bugs have been coming up in a lot of ways this week – my kids are looking for a new apartment, too – and have been hearing which buildings in Oshawa have had problems, which […]

Bed Bugs in Public Places

Bed bugs are just icky…no one wants them but unfortunately sometimes you can’t avoid them…they are relatively easy to get if you visit a someone’s home who has them and unfortunately you can get them just from visiting public places as well. To read more about bed bugs in public places, you can read previous […]