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White Nose Syndrome is a disease named for the distintive fungal growth around the muzzles and on the wings of hibernating bats. It is a poorly understood disease that has been ass

In this post we’ll be talking about prevention.If you’ve been lucky enough to never had bed bugs and want to keep it that way or if you’ve had them and gotten rid

Spring is here and soon it will be summer, which means that people will be traveling more, whether it is to a newly opened cottage or to visit family or whatever. That’s grea

…the website I mean… not Cottage Country Pest Control, since we are always available to solve your pest problems – even when dirty nasty rotten hackers and incomp

I am very VERY unhappy!!! Got a warning that our site had been hacked! Have moved it to a new and more secure server and am now in the process of redoing all of our posts and pages

Lovely weather we’re having, eh? Or not! Almost the end of March and still with the snow! On the plus side though, the weather means a later start to the majority of the pests th

One problem we had a run on last spring was raccoons in boats – momma raccoons who thought people’s boats were a really good place to set up shop and have their babies. Not tha

Apparently, bed bugs aren’t all that much different than many Canadians. When it’s cold out, they prefer to hunker down and wait for warmer weather… once it warms up, they ar