Bed Bugs: Prevention

In this post we’ll be talking about prevention.If you’ve been lucky enough to never had bed bugs and want to keep it that way or if you’ve had them and gotten rid of them and now just want to prevent ever getting them again, keep reading.


As I stated in the Bed Bugs. What are they ANYONE can get bed bugs, even the cleanest homes and hotels are not immune, so there are steps you can take in order to try and prevent your home from getting bed bugs.


Regular inspection and house cleaning can help prevent an infestation of bed bugs and can also help discover if you have bed bugs. If you are regularly inspecting you bed and furniture then you will be able to catch them before you have a really bad infestation.


Cleaning up clutter, sealing cracks and crevices and fixing peeling wallpaper can help to prevent an infestation as well because it will reduce the number of places available to bed bugs for hiding and living.


Other ways to prevent bringing bed bugs into your home include being extremely cautious when buying second-hand furniture and clothing as you could potentially bring bed bugs home this way. While on the point of used furniture, I cannot stress this enough, NEVER bring home discarded furniture, bed frames, mattresses, box springs or electronics from the side of the road as they could have bed bugs on or in them.


Traveling is a big concern for people what with all the stories of bed bugs in hotels, on cruise ships, etc. There are some very handy tips you can follow when traveling to help prevent bring a creepy crawly souvenir home from your trip.


1. Always inspect the room and furniture for blood spots, bug droppings or live insects–if you find any evidence of possible bed bugs then request a new room


2. Pack your clothing in over sized, resealable plastic bags before packing them and keep your belongings in the bags or hanging up during your trip (don’t put things on the floor or bed)


3. Before leaving the hotel, inspect all your belongings and luggage carefully


4. When you return home, inspect your luggage and belongings again (it’s recommended you do this outside as a precaution) and wash your clothing in the hottest water possible before putting them in the dryer for at least 30 minutes


So there, you have it. Some tips for preventing bed bugs, but of course if you do find yourself with bed bugs Cottage Country Pest Control can help eliminate them.


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