Spongey Moth Spraying

Are you looking to have your trees/yard/cottage/decks sprayed for spongey – formerly LDD, formerly gypsy moth – caterpillars?

Assuming that you are in our area – which encompasses most of Muskoka, Simcoe County, Tiny & Tay Townships – we are happy to do that, but as I’ve said in pretty much every conversation or post I’ve made on the topic, the earlier the better.

The beauty of treating this way vs BTK is that we don’t have to wait until the caterpillars are up there munching; we can spray the trunks and prevent them from ever getting there. Less product; more impact – that is the goal of IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

We can wait and spray later, if/when they become a huge problem – but when there is a solution that allows that not to happen, why wait?! Book early, and we’ll pass our savings (less product, hassle, gas, time) on to you.

Want an idea of price? We generally start at about $300 + for one spray …. if you’re up past Gravenhurst or Parry Sound, or down past Barrie, add about $25 for every half hour of additional drive time. If you’re on an island, sorry, but add $100 per trip. If your property is huge, includes multiple outbuildings, and/or you have a tendency to be rude (no, I know you would never, but some people are), those are all things that increase the cost.

To decrease costs, round up friends and neighbours in the same area, and we’ll give you all discounts. For every five people in the same general area that we can do in the same trip, we reduce the cost by $25, down to a minimum of ~$200 in most areas.

I have to go see a guy about a squirrel, find some gummy molds, and finish up my marking – oh, and book at bin and find a heavy duty cleaner type, and send reminders for this weekends bedbugs and sprays, and book a hair appointment and…well about twenty more things you don’t care about – but if/when I get a chance I’ll try to do up some sort of an FAQ and what we do for moth caterpillars…. but in the meantime, here’s a link to a form you can use if you want to book and/or if you just want more info: Spongey moth treatment sign up form.

Have a great day!

Lauralee 🙂