Happy Canada Day

Where are you all!? It’s so quiet on the lake in front of our house… usually the Canada Day long weekend is much busier than this…. maybe people didn’t get Monday off so it’s not really a long weekend? Today is the first day of bass season in this part of Georgian Bay… Ross relocated […]

Carpenter Ants

Well, we’ve pretty much finished up the first round of spider sprays – did we miss you? We’re sorry! Give us a call or drop us an email at ccpestcontrol@gmail.com and we will certainly get that done for you – but mostly what we’re dealing with right now are carpenter ants. They are all through […]

New look for Cottage Country Pest Control

We’ve got a new logo! Finally took it to someone that has a whole lot more artistic ability than I do – Darryl at Midland Copy Shoppe Print & Design Services – and our new banner is what we ended up with. Plus he provided us with a solo heron that we can use for […]

New Summer Helper!

The busy summer season is here again, and Cottage Country Pest Control has hired an extra pair of hands to help take on the task. Carly is a Biology graduate with a career background in wildlife education and reptile care.  You may have seen her before giving presentations at Awenda Provincial Park or caring for birds […]