Back in Business

…the website I mean… not Cottage Country Pest Control, since we are always available to solve your pest problems – even when dirty nasty rotten hackers and incompetent tech ~support~ people (I use the term loosely!) mess up the website. In any case, I’ve copied things over …. arranged to have the kid redo all […]


I am very VERY unhappy!!! Got a warning that our site had been hacked! Have moved it to a new and more secure server and am now in the process of redoing all of our posts and pages – but that is likely to take me a bit. In the meantime, though, Ross is right […]

Carpenter Ants Waking Up

Seems like it’s getting just warm enough to wake up the carpenter ants here in cottage country. They are still pretty slow moving though …. and no reports of winged ants/swarms yet…. SO … it is a really good time to deal with the problem before it gets well established. Give us a call and […]