This will be the first of 2 blogs about Moles and Voles. The posts will explain what they are,   why they are considered pests and how to manage them. Moles are insectivores, which means they generally don’t eat plants, but instead they eat earthworms, insects, grubs, slugs and in some cases even small snakes […]

Too windy

Ross was all set to head off to do a couple of spider sprays today, but it’s just too windy for it, especially anywhere near water. This is part of offering responsible integrated pest management services – although the spray that is used is relatively safe for humans and pets, it is – for very good […]


nope… not our service area… but our blog, you may have noticed, has moved from our old site on blogger – – to here. Still lots of information available over there, though … so I should, I suppose, be including some links to those, or moving them here, or something! Perhaps a directory of some […]

A Busy Week in Cottage Country

Even though the weather has not exactly cooperated this week – sunny and gorgeous, but SO freaking cold! – lots of people in both the Balm Beach and Honey Harbour areas have been up to their cottages to find that they’ve been visited by carpenter ants. Those are the big (usually) black ants – sometimes […]


What a busy start to the day today … and of course, Friday’s are my one day when I’m not here to deal with the phones, emails, etc…  heading off to teach in Barrie, but hopefully he’s got enough to get done before it rains  (what IS it with raccoons and boats this year?! Another […]

And it’s another fine year for carpenter ants in Tiny Township

Not quite the welcoming committee one wants on the first trip up to the cottage… a whole swarm of winged carpenter ants in search of a new home. This cottage will NOT be their new home… Ross will be up there soon to take care of the problem using a multi-faceted and environmentally responsible IPM […]

New Computer System

Have fired our old computer system and now I’m in the process of converting everything over into a database of my own making so that we will be better able to keep track of who needs call-backs and all that fun stuff. It’s a bit of a pain in transition though – so if we […]

Busy, Busy, Busy

Very busy all of a sudden… gotta like that… well, aside from the fact that it means that our customers are already discovering issues with carpenter ants, bedbugs, roaches, etc…. Not to worry though – we’ll be happy to help you solve all your pest problems. Give us a call at 705-534-7863, or email […]