Cash okay?

Yes, of course it is. We also accept Interac money transfers, or cheques. No credit cards though, sorry – our goal is to keep your costs down – and raising them to cover the cost of having year round bills for seasonal business just doesn’t make sense.

Oh …. you mean you want to just pay cash and skip the HST?

Sure…. we can do that – just as long as you let us know that that is your intent before we give you the quote so that we can raise the quote by – coincidentally – 13%.

The prices we quote are always plus HST. And we pay the HST whether you do or not.

So if you arbitrarily decide that you’re going to just give us “cash”  and not pay the HST, you just gave yourself a 13% discount.

We try hard to keep our prices reasonable for ALL of our customers…. so yeah… please do let us know if you’re looking for a “cash price” up front and we’ll adjust the price accordingly, and yeah, pay the taxes on it.

Another thought about this topic…. do you really want to hire a pest control guy that is willing to break the rules? We are, after all, talking about products that can potentially be harmful – to the environment & to you – if misused…wouldn’t you rather hire the guy that doesn’t take shortcuts?

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