What about water access?

No problem… if your cottage is water access only, we can still provide complete pest control services.

Some customers meet Ross at whatever marina works for them; others we visit in our boat – it really is up to you.

You should be aware though – and you’ve probably learned this time & time again! – that boat calls are more weather dependent, less predictable, and more time consuming than other calls… which impacts the cost of our services. This also means that last minute cancellations are a REALLY BIG NO-NO and make us very, very cranky.

When we can group things up in an area, the cost of the transportation can be spread across however many calls we’re doing – so if you and your neighbours want to get together and arrange your services so that we can do them in one trip, that can work very well for everyone.

Also, if you’re in an area serviced by Big Red Works, did you know that we have an arrangement with them? They set up appointments for spider sprays, carpenter ant treatments, and whatever other pests people want treatment for, and they deliver Ross around the lake and he does his thing.  Streamlines things a great deal, and that can result in savings that can then be passed on to you.

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